How To Apply


  • Do your kids beg to eat out, after you’ve worked hard to make a family meal?
  • Has your husband/wife told you it was probably better if you ordered take out?
  • At the big potluck dinner, are you always asked to “just bring the napkins?”


  • Is someone you know constantly offering you food that you have to turn down?
  • If you know a mom who can’t scramble an egg, a colleague who can’t convince anyone to try their culinary creations, or a friend who tries but can’t seem to get it together in the kitchen, this is your chance to get them the help you BOTH need!

**Nominators: you must attend the interview with the person you nominate


  • Email us at
  • Tell us why you (or the person you are nominating) is the most disastrous cook in the country

Include name, age, hometown, occupation, contact phone number, and a recent photo of the hopeless cook


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